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Thank you to all my lovely clients.Always a great time!

More then 70 testimonials about Tantric Massage by Lily Lotus


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 Reviews News 2022/2023



Cannot recommend Lila's treatment highly enough! Be open and ready ro receive, Lila creates a warm and incredibly welcoming space. I found Lila to be a warm and genuine open-hearted human being. 

2 months ago



 wow I never had this kind of massage before and I just LOVE it too much.Lila's Magic Hands is something to bring you to heaven . Kisses all over .Julian

3 months ago


A first time visit.  I found Lila genuine and very welcoming.   It was wonderful to spend 2 hours in her company.  I have never experienced such touch.  Her facial massage set my whole body tingling and I swear I had an internal orgasm.  It is 1 day since I saw her and my body is still aching for her touch.  4 months ago



Lila is an amazing lady. I would recommend the Red Passion Ritual to anyone. She is truly the Doctor of Love. I am blessed to have met her. Much love Lila I will see you when I come back to town 

5 months  ago


 Just love this Tantric Ritual Session . Is somenting unique in the city and very special . I am regular happy customer! Robert 

6 months ago



What a massage that Lila gives (Golden Sacred Ritual), was truly sensual, so loving. The increased erection was amazing. She really knows her art, I would recommend her. 

6 months  ago



It was a most relaxing and enjoyable two hours, I would recommend to everyone , thanks very much 

7 months  ago



I spend an enjoyable evening with Lila. Her massage ( I choose Golden Ritual ) is amazing, the calm and gentle hands all over my body was truly relaxing and very sensual. The Yoni Massage  had me wanting more and to caress her was just the cherry on the cake.

 7 months  ago



Enjoyed the most wonderful afternoon with this most sensual lady. The best massage I have ever experienced making me totally relaxed, sheer pleasure.I had erectile dysfunction and my dear Lila with Deer Male Exercise make "my soldier" came back to life  I am so glad ! thank you nice Lady Doctor of Love ! You are the best! 

8 months ago



"Unique atmosphere, warm and pleasant personality.Her new techniques "Unique atmosphere, warm and pleasant personality.Her new techniques and her continuous improvements makes 'the Red Passion Ritual more intense experience every time.Ulrich" 

8 months ago


Harry B.

Deer Male Massage : what more i can say : wowwwwwww I never got so hard for so long. And the PE gone ! hahaha Lila you are the best, really ! thank you so much  Lots of Love 

11 months 

 Frederic Vyver

 I am a happy customer of Lila ! Really very happy ! I chose the Red Passion Special with the deer male exercise. wow I've never had an equal orgasm in my entire life. The exercise with the Indian oil she uses is simply unbelievable! I had premature ejaculation before and, in this special session, I stayed up for over 20 minutes. I also had some problem with my erection... But this... is a thing of the past. With the treatment offered by our dear Lila and her magical hands, I was healed! I've never felt so good! Very calm and energized. My masculinity came back to me with all force. I'm another man! Thank you, my Goddess!

1 year ago 

                                       TESTIMONIALS - 2018                              
"Lovely Lady  wonderful massage , really unique in the city. Thanks darling ".  Steve 
"Well I'm a very lucky guy.I chose the Diamond Ritual and this is like buying a ticket to the paradise Lila is a wonderful goddess of pure tantra.And this session is worth much more than the money I paid for it. Is unforgettable !!thank you very much darling .You are my Queen ! Your Peter
"My first massage with Lila on Saturday and soon realised that I was in expert hands.  The bath was great and the massage wonderful.  Many thanks", Malcolm
"A wonderful afternoon I spent with the delightful Lila. Such a warm personality, such skill in those hands.  I came out of there a changed man.  Thank you so much. I may well return." Steve
"I have spent a wonderful evening with this incredibly sensual, Brazilian lady. Her Tantric massage allied to her wide ranging spirituality and easy going, welcoming nature are an amazing combination". Charlie 
"I can say that the Tantra therapist has a very large knowledge of tantric massage using the sacred sexuality methods inclusive of Lingam massage, prostate massage and much more. If you have tried massaging in any other forms then it is time to try Tantra and have a new experience. She is a very friendly and wise person who not only knows Tantra but many other things she is very much the professional in this field." Chris 
"I recently spent a perfect afternoon with this sensuous, curvaceous lady. Thank you so much" Jeremy 

"This lady has an excellent understanding of Tantra therapy and massage using the sacred sexuality methods inclusive of Lingam massage, prostate massage and much more. A lovely session."Ian 
                                                      TESTIMONIALS - 2017

 Patrick L.

Well, what i can say about wonderful Lila Tantra.....she is really the best tantric masseuse  . Simple that. Thank you so much dear Lila 

2 months ago


 Danny Boy

Always a great time when I visit Lila. Super relaxing and it's great seeing someone who is passionate about their profession. Never feels rushed and great conversations too!

5 months ago


 Graham W.

I have seen Lila a number of times and she offers a very enjoyable and pleasurable, yet serious, tantric massage therapy . She is a specialist in this field , with a lot of experience and excellent technique. She has helped me relax and made me feel much better. her hands have helped ease my sore back also. She uses quality organic products and appropriate background meditation music what is just amazing ! I will certainly be visiting her again 

6 months ago


 Jack Wills , devotee of Lila Tantra

I had wanted to visit Lila for many months but my work and her travel overseas had prevented this from happening on many occasions. Then, almost on the spur of the moment I had some time free and enquired to see if the amazing Lila was also free at that time - she was! So it as with joy in my heart, a painful lower back pain and a strange, longing feeling in my lingam, I rang on her door bell - a little nervous but happy to be there at long last!When she opened the door and greeted me Lila was amazingly warm and friendly and we almost immediately shared a delicious cup of her special Japanese green tea - I say almost immediately as with Lila nothing is ever rushed or hurried and we spent quite some time discussing alternative medicines, psychology and life in general, for Lila is not only a superb masseuse, she is also a woman-of-the-world and has knowledge of many subjects and many different medical problems that she was happy to share with me.Then it was time for a most relaxing and very calming bath where Lila made me feel safe and special as she washed and cared for me in a sensual and very stimulating way as we chatted and got to know each other much better. Lila then welcomed me into her nearby massage chamber as I was anxious to  see it Lila could work her magic on my aching lower back and equally aching - by now -  lingam! (I am quite new to Tantric massage and I had read a lot on Lila's web site about 'whole body orgasm', breathing and the flow of 'chi' etc and I was very keen to find out in reality how it was?)The answer is it was fantastic and I left her place later with a smile on my face, a lower back that ached much less and a lingam that had experienced the most intense and powerful of Tantric style orgasms under her skilled and expertly trained fingertips - as she understands the male physiology so well! I also had a new energy in my walk and a smile on my face that lasted all the way on my journey home.I would highly recommend you send yourself to Lila for any ailment you have as you can be assured she treats each client as an individual and very special - go on, treat yourself, you know you deserve it!

a year ago



 I am a happy Lila Tantra customer ! She is just amazing with so lovely magic hands. The pain in my back also gone ! 100% ! I highly recommend ! thanks darling ! 

a year ago



Lila met me at the door and welcomed me into her warm and calm santuary. Lila is a geniune and fantastic personality person. The bath ritual was amazing and the massage was sensational with those magic hands, i would visit her again ☺ thank you Lila you are Amazing.. 😙

a year ago



The massage and the bath was wonderful.Feel like  I `ve just taken a Viagra tablet !  Amazing Thank you Lila !

a year ago



Lila welcomed me into her warm sanctuary with her charm and a nice cup of herbal tea.  We had a chat while she prepared the herbal bath.  It was great to be pampered like a king.  And then onto the massage table.  Lila is a consummate massage artist who takes time to honeand update her skills. I left her appartment on cloud nine.  I would thoroughly recommend a visit to experience Lila's skills for yourself.  

a year ago



I had a wonderful expense with Lila, I booked her red passion ritual for 2 hours and it was simply amazing.  From the moment you arrive to when you leave it is a relaxing, destressing experience. I recommend her and I will be back, thank you Lila.

a year ago

                                           TESTIMONIALS - 2016​

  • This was the first time I've eve ever experienced a Taoist massage and I can't wait for the next. It wasn't just the massage, I learnt lots as well. I feel like I've been given a really precious gift by Lila. The bath was amazing and it was the first time someone else had washed me in years, and the massage is amazing. If you're feeling a bit intimidated at the  idea of a prostate massage, there's no need. It was really nice :)

    tgurney1 2 months ago 

  • Lila has a very warm and genuine personality. You can tell she really likes people and is passionate about her work. Relaxing and energising, her massage treatment will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. Thank you Lila for a wonderful evening!

    Ronald 2 months ago 

  • I have to say that this was probably the most fulfilling experience of my life.
    Lila is a wonderful woman, a beautiful human being, inside and out, and is a master at her art of pure Tantra.
    Immensely relaxing yet spiritually and physically exciting.
    If you haven't been, make an appointment, remain open minded and passive ad's you to will have the time of your life.  If you have been before, you already know that!
    Thank you, Lila for a wonderful afternoon in your company.

    Christian 2 months ago  

  • Lila has a wonderful personality and is a joy to just have a conversation with. Her tea is a great start to the session and you will leave looking forward to the next one. She is my first stop anytime I am in town. 

    The Traveling Business Consultant 2 months ago  

  • After months of research i finally decided to give Lila a go for my first Tantric massage experience, and she was every bit what i hoped for... and so much more. From the minute i walked through her doors she was considerate and warm, treating me more as a house guest rather than a client. She is as intelligent as she is good at giving an erotic massage. She is VERY pretty, her curves are big and firm and she exudes sexiness. And yet she is able to create and surround you in a relaxing, peaceful environment, pampering your body and soul with her hands and lusciousness. Her enthusiasm leads to a climate, and very memorable, end. One I, and she, wont be forgetting. Thank you Lila xx

    Francis Met 5 months ago 

  • Well I meet Lila in an unusual way ;-) I was in Tinder app and I found her page and I did book a massage. WOW it is just amazing! I am felt in the paradise with her magic hands. Thank you Lila  ! I recommend !

    John Taylor 6 months ago  

  • Lila
    met me at the door and led me to her lovely Tantric sanctuary. The mood was
    calm and relaxed. I was offered green tea and we sat and cheated for a while to
    get fully relaxed. Lila prepared the bath for the ‘’bath ceremony’’ – this is a
    must! and was absolutely fantastic. Lila showered me off and gently dried me.
    We then proceeded to the massage sanctuary both naked. Then I lay face down on
    the massage bed. Lila worked her magic on my back, from head to foot. She used pure
    oil which felt wonderful [ and smelt good too ] Now it was time to turn over
    for Lila to continue with her magic on the front. Her touch and her very
    sensual breathing techniques set my body tingling and as for the final section
    [ the Lingam ] Well that just blew me away!!!  I wasn't sure what to expect from
    this experience. I knew what I was HOPING for and Lila provided that and more.
    I think Lila enjoyed the session just as much as me as she obviously loves her
    profession because she touched me in a way that nobody has ever done before. Lila
    is not a clock-watcher, I had more time than expected and after a nice shower
    and clean up I left totally relaxed and am still feeling chilled. If you are
    looking for something special from a special lady, look no further, the most
    wonderful body and mind experience....... for those who have not experienced
    this type of massage I strongly urge you to visit Lila, relax go with the flow,
    don't think about the ending just enjoy every stroke and touch and when Lila
    brings you to your destination you will have truly discovered the meaning of
    tantra....... thank you Lila you truly are the 'ruby’ in a mountain of rock.

    57 years old

    Freddy 6 months ago 

  • I want leave a feedback to my clients: I really love very much my work because 2 things : 1 is because it is all about my believes and second because my lovely clients. All of then ! I am really so thank you for all of you. For your love for me and for what I do (because I believe in my way of doing my job) Also, to participate with me in this beautiful journey, to giving me your affection,for your contribution ( £ ;-) ) that allows me to live and survive...To listening me ( sometimes, I know, I talk too much), to giving me your support. To being my customer in that special way you are. My work getting increase each time more spiritual and beautiful ..And this is because our sublime energy exchange. And I'm here now, to say thank you for all of you guys to the beautiful energy that you give me back.I just want to say how deeply I love you all.Thank you Lila Tantra

    6 months ago  

  • Dear Lila, here my testimonial
    I was extremely excited before my session with Lila and she spent a good half an hour preparing me for the ritual with grounding conversation and green tea!!
    The bathing part of the ritual with natural cleansing products made me calm and relaxed and prepared for the next stage, the massage itself, which enabled me to have a real kundalini rising experience. This is something I cannot truly explain as it was an overwhelming sensation. I recall making sounds and movements of my body, but it was all too brief. I feel that Lila has guided me to this place where I can simply let go, trust her and work hard on my breathing to get the most from the session. My favourite part of the session ( Golden Sacred Ritual ) was when Lila presented me with the opportunity to have a go at utilising this awakening energy to preform my own massage. I definitely felt Lila's spiritual guidance allow me to preform this part of the ritual with complete consciousness and presence.
    Thank you Lila for guiding me on the latest stage of my tantric journey. 

    Trevor, Lecturer, London

    Trevor 7 months ago 


      Thank you so much for your beautiful testimonial Trevor. Our sessions always are some how very special . kisses 

      John Taylor 5 months ago

  • Hello dear clients ! Here is the new space to the new comments and feedbacks you can give me please. Thank you so much in advance. Ps: you dont need use your real name

    Lila Tantra 7 months ago  Reply

    • And dont worry your email will not appear here. ;-)

      Lila Tantra 7 months ago

Testimonials 2012
​Go with Lila Tantra's flow and let her pamper you. She takes a great deal of care over everything and will look after you. A unique experience!​
Wonderful hour spent, like nothing before. If you are looking for an unforgetable experience you must try this lovely lady
A wonderful time, Lila Tantra was able to see me quickly and gave me clear directions, our time together was a wonderful experience for me. Obrigado Lila Tantra!
A wonderful an holistic tantric experience with Lila Tantra, she made me feel special and the focus of her attention, the bathing massage was a real treat.
Fantastic time and walked away feeling relaxed and drained at the same time! Highly recommended!
The experience at Tantric Rituals is truly unique as Lila Tantra gives you full attention. You will leave the place feeling completely refreshed. I would definitely reccomend it.
Ben Dover
Lovely lady, very welcoming & friendly, excellent massage,felt brand new after she finished,Will be going again soon
Lila Tantra is an attentive lady who I cannot recommend highly enough. A gorgeous classy diamond of a lady xxx

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