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Presencial Classes 

 3H £300
                The TRAINING Tantra Ritual 
                   Blue Sapphire Ritual                                                   (presencial)
                   Learn the secrets of Tantra
you will learn the concepts of my routine, the taoist tantra way of preparation for the sacred sex, basic techniques of  massage, yoni and lingam massage, prostate/anal massage techniques, ejaculation control the way for a long vitality life
You will receive a CERTIFICATE of 4Elements Taoist Tantra Therapy

Tantric Ritual Massage Course 

( This is a Naturist course so the teacher and participants will be nude ) 

This is a PRESENCIAL COURSE 3hours

           for 1,2 or 3 participants

(for more the one participant have a discount )

You will learn do a real Tantric Ritual by Lila Lilac

ALl the techniques for do a real good massage in your partner, friends, girlfriend.  It is a wonderful skill you need to have . The ART OF TOUCH is something missing in our modern world and is something absolutely fundamental to any kind of relationship 

What is included :

  • Activating the Taoist Points of  Love 
  • Increasing the  sexuality of your partner
  • Principal massage techniques  
  • Theory of Sexual Reflexology ( Understanding your body and the Women Body 
  • Learning the YONI massage  ( i will be the model)
  • Routine in a massage session 
  • Four Elements Ritual 
  • This is a Presencial COURSE
  • Maximum participants on each classroom  
  • PRICE : £300 per 3 hours one unique  lesson
  •  videos will be available for you to watch to remember
Tantric Ritual Lila Lilac ©Copyright

Tantra Online  Course 

  • This is a ONLINE COURSE
  • With videos and Lives on SKYPE 
  • PRICE : £150 
  • Certified Course

  • Accredited Course

  • Online study

  • Tutor support

  • No time limit for completing your course

  • Videos available here for you to watch when is possible for you 

  • 1 lesson 1 hour LIVE in skype

Payment in 3 X direct debit is possible

What is included :

  • Exercises to activating the Taoist Points of  Love 
  • Increase your sexuality 
  • Learn to have orgasm without ejaculation ( Tantra Journey and exercises )  Multi-Orgasmic Man
  • Theory of Sexual Reflexology ( Understanding your body and the Women Body 
  • PREMATURE EJACULATION control and pleasure
  • Exercises and Herbal Supplement Advice (Herbs,Baths,Bach Flower Remedies )
Tantric Ritual Lila Lilac ©Copyright

Special Tantric JOURNEY

  • Tantra - The Key to Sexual Power & Sexual Pleasure
  • (Online course with videos, LIVEs and Presential )
  • This is a very special course with a secret rare original unique content.

Price : £250

Payment in 3 X direct debit,is possible 

What is included :

  • The Meaning of Tantric Sex
  • The Tantra Rituals
  • The One Hour Rule
  • The Mantras/Yantras
  • The Female ALone Rituals
  • The Male Alone Rituals
  • Awakening/Awareness/Focusing/Intensifying/Control/Channeling Power
  • Tantra and Age
  • Female Multiple Orgasm
  • Erection 
  • The Tantric Vagina
  • Prolonged Orgasm
  • The Oral sex : fellatio 
  • The Oral Sex : Cunnilingus 
  • Anal Stimulation
  • Tantric Psi 
  • The Setting for Sex
  • Chakrapuja: The Tantric " Orgy"
  • Studying the Tantra
  • Couples Rituals : The Seven Nights of The Tantra
  • The Each seven nights of Tantra​

About the Couple Ritual presential 

                  (Lila  and You) :

This is a very special presencial session

for client/students over 50yo, at my discretion

Write me for more information and price  


Aphrodisiacs :

The Magical and Ritual use of it 

  • Special Extra Lesson
  • PRICE ( £50 per ) 

What is included :

  • The True Aphrodisiac herbs and food also, how to use it 
  • To Improve sexual health 
  • awareness,relax inhibitions,arouse seuxal feelings,augment physical energy,help impotence,strengthen the gonads and glands,increase the production of semen , 
  • Love Foods
  • Scents - The silent language of sex


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