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from 2008 to 2014 - Tantric Massage North London - UK

Good service as promised ! Excelent! Thanks Lila Tantra
Paul M
Superb service from someone who really knows what they are doing. Very relaxing, very erotic left me shuddering at the climax.
John S​
What a wonderful person, an exceptional massage and an insight into your physical condition - Magic!
Jon Z​
Very relaxing experience, great massage and recommended to relieve stress
Wonderful relaxing experience with a considerate and friendly massage practitioner.
What a lovely lady, thank you Lila Tantra for a memorable experience which must be repeated. For a true tantric massage do not overlook this wonderful lady.
Tim L
Just  fantastic!! Thank you so much Lila Tantra
​Larry Johnson
I am a regular customer.Lila Tantra is just amazing.Great combination of seductiveness, charm and intelligence. If you want to spend an incredible two hours with an angel, with magic hands,Lila Tantra is the one. I cannot recommend her enough. She deserves a 20 not a ten in my book.Thank you darling!
Great wonderfull massage lovely lady couldn't do more for you A+++
​Paul from Scotland​
You brought my life back, my youth, my strength, my capacity for pleasure.My session with you was a rebirth.In the deepest sense.I have no enough words to say:Thank you so much Lila Tantra!
​Harry P
Lovely lady with a great personality and magical hands that give a truly awesome massage.
It was the most poetic experience!  The bath was beautiful, Lila's gentle hands fondling me all over.  At the end ​of the bath, the amazing massage.It was heaven!  thank you for a lovely session, Lila, I shall be back for more!
Fred T​
I could ever find the words to describe how i felt leaving After seeing Lila Tantra.he blew me away with pretty much everything she said and did and i came away refreshed,relaxed and with a whole new outlook on myself and life in general.Fantastic time !!!Thanks again my lovely Lila Tantra !
Bernard M
Lila Tantra is just a dream! Unique services ,amazing bath, real magic hands,and the end ....wowwww...unforgettable really!!!! Booking your time in the paradise with Lila Tantra .Thank you lovely Lady.
Lovely Lady, Wonderful Relaxation with Magic Hands!
John Lee
Lila Tantra`s Tantric Ritual is something very special!!!!!
​Leonard Q
Lila Tantra Lotus thank you so much! You made me feel extremely special .You truly works wonders with Kundalini energy and the chakras .You helped me find something that I didn`t really notice I`d lost! I found myself!Thank you again!
Dean M
Beautiful time with a beautiful lady . cant recemend her highley enough . thank you for a wonderful afternoon . cant wait to see you again xxx
Marc S
A great experience, made me feel incrdibably comfortable and took me somewhere i hadnt been
Just wonderful. A truly dreamy experience. Gets better and better every time. Fantastic second time with an incredibly sensual, fun and friendly lady.I can not speak highly enough about Lila Tantraxxx
​Joshua Stuart
Lila Tantra is someone whom I will go to as my personal physician. She is my secret weapon my manhood glory. Lila Tantra is kind,beautiful,sensual,intelligent.wonderful masseuse.thanks a lot!
​Eddie M
Phenomenally talented Lady. Truly First Class Experience! Everything on the site is true - a great experience and a lovely person Thank you Lila Tantra
Thank you very much Lila Tantra !Great hands and amazing massage.Unforgettable session.
You have a beautifull personality and aura. You are truly amazing human being with a natural healing gift.Love and kisses

Wow!!! What an amazing afternoon!!! Loved every minute!!! Thank you so much Lila Tantra! xxx
Magic hands - fantastic. Others have provided details and all that is said is true. A great time!
I never had such strong and pleasurable emotions .Magic hands.thanks Lila Tantra !
​Laurence P
Really wonderful and amazing massage.Magic hands  Better value for money either. Thanks
​Vishy L
Had a wonderful tantric massage from Lila Tantra. She is young mature lady and  her skin is very soft  Very professional,artistic and good for conversation.
Really brilliant! I had the 2-hour ritual It was a wonderfully sensual experience. And the end was UNBELIEVABLE!
A warm and friendly lady, Lila Tantra eased the nerves of this novice. The bath was very relaxing - the combination of salt, seaweed and Lila Tantra's fingers is amazing - and the massage smooth and sensuous. Thankyou Lila Tantra.
Andrew Stuart
Two exquisitely relaxing hours with an intelligent, experienced lady  I felt myself completely relaxed

​R  Lee
I find myself agreeing with the previous comments: a blissful massage which goes far beyond what you will expect, to end wonderfully.   Lila Tantra is a beautiful woman with the softest skin who will make you feel very special.  Lila Tantra enjoys conversation, and getting to know her a little makes it even better.  Go on, treat yourself!
Lila Tantra is one of those people who simply have an amazing personality. Hard to imagine someone not liking her but you would never forget her once you've met.Lila is so unique in my opinion...There is nothing like this available ( I chose the 2 hours  session) anywhere I can think of and as a package no better value for money either. Thanks Lila Tantra!
Lila Tantra is a force of nature who gives totally of herself to make sure you have the best time she can possibly give you. Again, I chose the Golden Sacred Ritual and Lila Tantra took me on a sensual tantric journey from bath to massage table to  heaven!
Such a great positive tantric experience:) absolutely perfect:) Lila Tantra was so great and understanding, and helped me alot.thanks Lila Tantra.
Loved every minute ! Thought I was there for well over an hour. The bath was highly erotic and the massage stimulating and enjoyable. Lila Tantra is a lovely sexy lady. Wel worth the time, money and effort
Justin M
Such a friendly and charming lady. Massage was wonderful - both relaxing and erotic and I left with a big spring in my step. Do visit her. Thanks Lilly
She is so lovely and sexy with magic hands cheap at twice the price.
​Steve S
Had a lovely time. The massage, bath and chat were great. A wonderful lady. Treat her well!
​Martin Smith
Had a wonderful time relaxing under Lila Tantra's kind hands. Felt good from top till toe. Apart from the great bath and massage, what struck me most was Lila Tantra's genuine friendliness.Were it not for the distance, I'd be back soon!
Lila Tantra is Confident, chatty and charming.Massage rather than sex but friendly and sexy.No clock watcher.The session commenced with an assisted bath. The bathroom has an atmospheric feel to it and I was treated to a nice hot bath complete with herbs, bubble baths and attention to all areas.The bath was followed by sensational tantric massage. This was without question one of the best massages that I have received.Given that this was listed as a tantric massage I knew what to expect and I was not disappointed!!
​G gireland
Our meeting was in the host's home. I felt perfectly safe and secure during my time there.Host was well dressed - to begin with! She looked exactly like the photos on her profile.Very warm and welcoming. At no point did I feel uncomfortable.Started off with a herbal bath and a scrub. After a dry I had the most blissful and intimate massage which ended ecstaticly. I've honestly never had such a powerful experience before.Lila Tantra was a delightful host, offering a most attentive and intimate service.I'll be back!
​Peter T
Definately see again.Thank you Lila Tantra !!
​James Buffalloy  - 28/05/2011
Spiritual lady offering something different. genuine spiritual, herbal knowledge. Herbal bath was lovely and a good deep massage. lovely and chatty.

Ooohhh Lila Tantra, that was a simply a wonderful and relaxing experience, i want more...
Lila Tantra is very dedicated to what she does. And what she does is excellent.
​James Quinn
Dear Lila Tantra What a lovely and erotic site. What you have to offer is sensual joy and beauty and celebration of life. You know how important it is to give warmth and tenderness. Love James xx
Lila Tantra is a real star and a genuine person.I would highly recomend this service to anyone.Simply the best.
I have known Lila Tantra for many years and visiting her has always been a pleasure. I am always greeted with a sweet smile and she has such warm tender hands. Such a delightful lady I hope to see her again soon.
Lovely, tender  and fulfilling massage
The best tantric experience I had ! with a elegant and beautiful Lady.With so magic hands! unforgettable time!thank you so much Lila Tantra!
The Lila Tantra experience is amazing, the bath and massage, I felt relax yet so full of energy, a lady that loves giving. You wont regret it :-)
Beautiful massage from a very sensual lady. Thanks, Lila Tantra.
​​Mr Truthfulone  - 7/03/2011
Wonderful spiritual lady whos sensual .trustworthy . Easy going and wonderful company . Didnt watch the clock and is very genuine . A true pleasure meeting Lila Tantra

The  Baron
Excellent value and highly recommended.
Unforgettable sensual experience - I feel incredibly relaxed and content after a session with Lila Tantra!
​Peter L.
Lila Tantra has magic hands that pamper and caress every inch of your body - she is the best!

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