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Emotionally deep the high-sensitivity techniques of tantra with the high-intensity techniques of taoist practitioners.
This brings awareness of sexuality and love as such, beyond conventional cultural interpretations

Ps:A beautiful artistic Tantric Dance Video by Axel M. Cipollini /Barcelona

The Products

My Tantric Rituals are more then merely a tantric massage.

They are combined using a luxurious SPA and carefully chosen products from around the world. These are excellent for your health, body, mind and soul.
I have spent much time travelling and on the internet sourcing the finest products at affordable prices to be included in my Rituals.
For instance hypersaline Dead Sea Salt coming directly from Israel. It is a wonderful mineral laden salt! Also Himalayan pink rose salts gathered from the base of the Himalayan mountains from an extinct sea which is over 250 millions years old! Wowww!  Organic unfiltered Olive Oil comes from Northern Greece, Blue Lotus Flowers from Egypt, English Lavender, Horny Goat Leaf from China and many more, all of them organic and some fresh such as organic fresh seaweed from Northern Ireland. 

Rock crystals from Brazil, special African Jade, palm stone for water massage, organic very special green tea from Japan or Jiao Gu Lan the immortality tea from China which I offer in our Tea Ceremony poured into special palm tea cups from Thailand. These all make for a wonderful and unique opportunity for you, your health and well being ~ so open your mind and prepare to indulge in the most wonderful exotic experience.

Tantric Rituals

What happens...

Firstly, don`t need to be afraid or nervous about your Tantric Session . It is for you just relax! I am a very friendly and kind person, who work with love in the heart and in the hands. I will give all my attention and care to you during 2 hs. 
All my treatments are natural and I use only high quality organic products.I use in the bath the English organic Lavender what is amazing smelled . Anyway, you'll arrive in a simple magic cozy environment but prepared with love and affection, candles, incense and a meditation music to  relaxation. I will offer you a mineral water or some special herbal tea. You will be placed comfortably on the sofa and we will chat  a little to break the ice .I will  explain to you, a little about my ritual and products.I will then draft the bath, which will consist of a tea with the herbs I normally use.All the herbs are organic and aphrodisiac ,also  a powerful aid in the treatment of impotence or other male disorders and excellent for your health and well being.On my bath, include  crystals, especially the jade, which also helps greatly in balancing your metabolism,what is  the main objective of this wonderful bath .I normally use five portions of Dead Sea salt or Himalayan pink rose salt, wonderful to relaxing the body, mind and emotion This ritual is an act of love and donation.And it is the way, I think, we should look, at sex and the relations with our fellow human beings . An act of exchange. Exchange of energies.I also work on all energy`s channels, which take strength to your penis . It should bring to you  special emotions and a higher quality of pleasure.A real pleasure.When you get up and dress up, will feel yourself another person.More relax, happy, peaceful.but the same time, full of   balanced energy, strong and calm.I will take you to the door like an old friend, who goes from but promising to return soon.

Tantric Ritual`s  Zen Musics

           Meditation music in  
  Tantric Massage by Lila Tantra

Qigong Taoist exercices meditation

Good for D-stress 

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