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The Love's Taoist way

The way Taoism sees sex is very unique view.

The body is a living and organic machine, where energy runs in vibration in constant contact and exchange with the surrounding environment, with other beings and with the higher energetic spheres of the universe through the pineal gland.Our inner organs, commanded by powerful glands, are all connected to emotions. Liver with anger, expressed or contained, gallbladder with frustration, spleen with worry as well as pancreas, bowel and kidneys with fears.

From the principle that we are vibrational and energetic beings (this is due to the 70% of liquid form our body - blood, fluids, etc.) and that sex is the exchange of this energy(according to Tantra and Taoism) this should be in a high vibrational levels to achieve contact with the higher cosmic spheres.

Our bodies , mind and emotion are exposed daily to all kinds of stress.

In the Taoist point of view, the sex is one powerful way for we heal ,balance and adjust our physical bodies. Every part of our body is holy and everything is holistically connected

We need understand our sexuality and how it work properly to have a full life as human being and unfortunately we don't receive this kind of teaching in our families or school.

The Western world only knows how to see sex through a prism of prejudice,moralism and lovelessness ... seeing sex as something dirty, which must be hidden behind the door..

So in the West, love and sex are separate things. The holy wife at home does not have much sex and the lover on the street has no love

If we consider ourselves to be the perfect copy of God,and that God is in us, then please God is treat our bodies with care and love, pleasure and happiness.

Cultivating the divinity that is in us, we can already consider that we will be living in God's Kingdom

Well, the greater goal of Tao is that we become complete people and this, also considers that sex is the maximum in the energetic exchange between two divine beings. So, sex is a prayer. A prayer of healing and balance. Sex is a form of meditation to heal both of lovers.

In this point of view, our bodies are tools to our soul, our mind, our emotions, to follow the spirit.

Of course for do it properly , the men and women need a lot of discipline and training.

Is in this point what Tantra can help a lot.

The control of ejaculation exercises, the mutual sexual points massage , the Nine Major Love points, the correct postures and deep breathing techniques are the key for a sexual healing prayer, a long and happy life .

Lila Tantra

PS: In my sessions I am teaching some of these exercises - special session for premature ejaculation with amazing immediately results

Also in the special Diamond Ritual and in the Sapphire Blue Training Ritual

Very soon my special channel in my private gallery with videos of the Taoist Exercises and QiQong for Sexual Vitality ...stay in touch!

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