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Techniques For The Control Of The Genital Muscles

A SIMPLE TECHNIQUE: During the process of excretion, separate the two excretory operations, meaning that you should not urinate while the proper evacuation of the intestines takes place. PRACTICAL ADVICE: Become aware of the muscles that become contracted during lovemaking and during Ejaculation You will note that the abdominal and lumbar muscles contract. In order to prevent ejaculation, relax these muscles, and do not make any sudden, abrupt movements. The coming and going movements should be an ample, supple undulation of the spine, not just a movement of the buttocks. About these movements, the Taoist texts recommend that they be performed in the following pattern which helps you control your ejaculation: three superficial movements and a deep one for 81 times; this number is considered to be the perfect number in the Taoist tradition. With practice you may reach up to nine superficial penetrations and a deep one. Before reaching the critical moment, the Taoist practitioners pull out, leaving only the head of the penis inside the vagina. After about 20-30 seconds of stillness, they continue making love calmly. Another Taoist method used to prevent ejaculation is to hold your breath with your lungs filled with air. The Tantric practice recommends the practice of Uddiyana Bandha when you feel that the pressure of the sexual energy is to great for you to handle. Jolan Chung, in his book “Tao – the Art of Love” notes that in time and with practice pulling out no longer becomes necessary. ANOTHER EXERCISE FOR CONTROLLING

THE SEXUAL ENERGY The cremasteric muscle is the muscle surrounding the testicles and its contractions bring the testicles closer to the penis. This muscle contributes to the process of thermoregulation, with an essential role in the sperm production. During times of intense excitation, this muscle draws the testicles towards the penis and prepares the spermatic channels so that the sperm can come out. These muscles are easy to feel and control. Here is a simple technique for control over this muscle: 1. Awareness stage: First, locate this important muscle. Stand with your soles a little spread, close your eyes and focus your attention on the scrotum, opening up to the sensations that appear from this area. 2. Control stage: After locating this muscle, contract it and then relax at will. Perseverant practice may lead you to a full control over this “bag” that holds the testicles. A characteristic clue that determines a man’s virility is the aspect of the scrotum. Thus, if the skin is flabby, and if the testicles hang inside a flabby scrotum, then the man in question is not endowed with remarkable virility, quite the opposite actually. If the scrotum is “folded” and “tough”, like tree bark, and the testicles are strongly anchored in their container, then the man is strong, and virile. The muscle responsible for the appearance of the scrotum is the dartos muscle. It is important to know that the best “temperature” for the testicles is slightly lower than the body-temperature. Various research indicated the fact that sperm production and the good function of the testicles occur at a temperature three degrees lower than body temperature. From this point of view, we may understand why the Scots wear kilts. It is important to pay attention to these muscles. A good method to keep these muscles good shape is the scrotal shower as a daily routine. Massage the scrotum and then shower them with cold water, as cold as you can bear. The scrotum is neither sensitive, nor fragile, so you may adjust the pressure of the shower to a high level without worrying. All these exercises practiced for a long enough period will definitely contribute to the awakening, stimulation and control of your sexual energy, endowing you with a satisfying and strong erection.

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