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Focus Your             Inner Energy

Tantric Massage North London 

"Unique atmosphere, warm and pleasant personality.Her new techniques and her continuous improvements makes the Red Passion Ritual more intense experience every time.Ulrich"

"Lila Tantra is a force of nature who gives totally of herself to make sure you have the best time she can possibly give you. Again, I chose the Red Passion Ritual and Lila  took me on a sensual tantric journey from bath to massage table to heaven!​" Francis Lee

tao lila tantra

"Lila Tantra is one of those people who simply have an amazing personality.There is nothing like this available anywhere I can think of and as a package, no better value for money either.I chose the 2 hours session 

Thanks Lila Lilac! "

Donald Smith


Integrated Holistic                   Wellness Sanctuary    

   Independent North London Tantric Massage       

TANTRA is a very deep relaxation experience what is good for your general health, to improve your immune system because everything in our body is connected with kidneys and adrenal glands responsible for the regulation of hormones in your body. All chronic illnesses in your body are a consequence of this imbalance. Stress kills, as it is what weakens your immune system and unbalance your hormones. So your digestive system, liver, spleen, bowel function is all compromised and obviously your sexual function.
You can see now , how much important is your STRESS management, and is this the TANTRIC RITUALS can help you . So the Tantric Massage can help you with in all the consequences of stress:
Anxiety, Depression, Bad sleep, Loss of control over your body and consequent PREMATURE EJACULATION, erectile dysfunction, lack of libido and all the problems of sexuality
Tantric Ritual Lila Lilac ©Copyright
The Best Prices for the Unique Original Best Tantra in London
TANTRIC RITUAL is the Authentic true Tantra , Unique in London and created by Lila Tantra the real therapist
Many websites in internet are copying these original sessions. But do not be fooled:Only Tantric Ritual by Lila Tantra is performed by a true practitioner who based on traditional Taoist Wisdom and Ancient Tantric Teachings has created this special treatment where the power of Nature will help you to take a deep dive into yourself by renewing your vital energy and sex life .
     Come to the Original and not for poorly made copies!
Tantric Ritual Lila Lilac ©Copyright
All Tantric Ritual Sessions include the NEW Tantric REIKE energization 
"The penile and clitoral glands are the parts of our body Which have the highest amount of innervation, with more sensitivity .... Why will the Divine in our formation gave such special qualities? "
“Our biological body itself is a form of hardware that needs re-programming through tantra like a new spiritual software which can release or unblock its potential.” 
 Slavoj Žižek, Living in the End Times

"It's really a shame that this type of massage, which I am practicing,is viewed on a  prejudice way in our so erroneous society .... 

The Tantric massage in the way I offer,  in reality, is the purest and true massage and the effects on health are endless ... 

This should be a common practice in our society to avoid many diseases, especially mental one. 

So deeply relaxing, cleansing our body of toxins, is the way what we can really  relief the stress and all it consequences  ..." Lila Tantra

NEW! CHI NEI TSANG (abdominal detox massage) - An ancient Taoist system for detoxifying and rejuvenating the internal organs • Presents techniques to clear blockages in the body’s energy flow  (plus head and feet massage) - 1 hour £80
tantra tarot london
Tarot Readings & Astrology (astral chart ) also available with Lila Tantra 

The Independent Tantric Massage North London Ritual created by Lila Tantra

 is unique and genuine Tantra


                                     The Tantric Massage Ritual North London

Working with the 4 Essential Elements: Water, Air, Fire and Earth, in a sequence of actions, with an internal ritual order Lilla will take you, step by step into a deep relaxing state of meditation.

Water is our primary element being the symbol of our emotional world where our unconscious mind receives messages and through this releases tension and stress. Day after day stresses block our blood circulation, our channel of energy and can make us ill. Combined with the water element, we have fire, giving warmth from candles and light. From the earth element we have crystals, salt, oil, and from the air element incense and music ...

Following the Bath Ceremony is the Tao Lotus Zen Tantric Massage North London . This is a lymphatic massage, combined with aromatherapy and meditation where music plays a very important role. The connection is that the massage and music match the speed, direction, movements, rhythm and time to different altering patterns so you can actually attune yourself to the enjoyment of the inherent qualities of music and sound that intertwines with them. The massage actually becomes an extension of the music. It is a wonderful sensation helping remove yourself from physical and mental stress.This environment paves the way ending with two positive results. Firstly, it calms down and slows the thought process.These processes from anxiety are released at a relaxing pace, essentially soothing your mind. Secondly when this happens the body relaxes becoming more receptive and accepting of the body-working massage.

The power of Olive Oil for Tantric Massage is amazing. It is the symbol of peace and when warm, can enter your body benefiting your internal organs. The combination of the salt bath with the olive oil Lymphatic Tantric Massage is such a powerful aphrodisiac it gives you strength whilst balancing your senses and leaving your inner mind calm. This is the effect of the Kundalini energy which gives revitalised life.


This unique Tantric Massage ritual in North London is a very deep way to awaken our Kundalini energies, our libido and essence for life.

Bioelectricity is the main component of this massage.

It manifests itself throughout the physical body and also acts on the emotions and psyche, dissolving anxieties and tensions that hinder sensory information and drive responsible for pleasure, orgasm, relaxation and overall balance of the body. Tantric  Massage develops a deep contact bioenergetic nature of bioelectric that develops and enhances perception and sensitivity, preparing all muscle groups of the body and placing them in context for pleasure and orgasm.

What is  Bioelectricity?

In research on bioelectricity it has been discovered that the human body is a bioelectric accumulator. When the stimuli is manifested in the skin, with certain intensity and a certain frequency for a period of time the orgasm is intensified by the hormone thus producing larger quantities of serotonin and endorphins, allowing the oxytocin to circulate freely throughout the body, enhancing the synaptic connections and linkages that connect each nerve fibre, culminating with a major intensive re-percussing orgasm. The client experiences pleasurable sensations, new levels of orgasm and what we call hyperorgasm, reaching new levels of awareness and perception. Experiences can be laughter, tears, ecstasy and many other integrative and concomitant feelings hard to describe, but are very intense and pleasurable.

Normally the sexual experiences of people are related to conditioned reflexes of masturbation which are sensorially limited. Masturbation conditions for the experience of orgasm always happen the same way using only a very small group of muscles, however if all muscles in the body combine then new levels of orgasm become possible creating far greater pleasure.


The muscles play a key role in the body's electricity. The sexual orgasm is a bioelectric discharge that produces a strong muscle contraction, followed by a release this energy an upflow, directed to the head. Muscles hypotonic (low muscle tone) are unable to sustain a high energy and better quality. So the orgasm is so conventional and often produces unsatisfactory sexual compulsion or frustration, making individuals early in their relationship or incapable of producing orgasms.
You can imagine what it means to have an orgasm tied to your whole body and not just the muscles filaments or vaginal muscles? The difference between an orgasm and a common full-body orgasm is something that you deserve to know, believe me!

What are the benefits of massage for my body,mind and soul?

Reduces stress and tension,Encourages the muscles to relax and lenghten, relieving tightness, tension and toxins
Improve the Bood circulation,Increases healthy functioning skin,Open the Chakras and channel of energy of our body,Encourages the release of endorphins that reduce pain and produce a feeling of well-being and calm,Improves circulation of the blood flow from extremities back to the heart carrying nutrients and oxygen to organs and muscles, Strengthens the immune system, Improves breathing patterns, Improves appearance and beauty, Improve ageing factor,

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tantric massage north london
tantric massage north london
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