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Online Sessions


Tantra SPA for Wellness

1h £120

   Tantra is a good remedy for many  problems... PRINCIPAL ALL THE STRESS CONSEQUENCES as anxie

Because these difficult times, I did created an Online Version of my amazing and unique Tantric Sessions It include the Magic Therapeutic Bath, Sound Therapy , Balance Chakras with Tibetan Bowls , The Fork Angels ( very high HZ for deep relaxation ) Hebreu Pendulum to balance and increase sexuality , and Ancient Secret TAOIST EXERCISEs 


This is a different option with some Taoist therapies.Very good for Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction, Depression, Anxiety, Lack of Pleasure, Sadness, and all consequence of stress what is the root of all chronic illness 

In this option NOW A TRANTA ONLINE in the comfort of your home or also you can go to a Hotel to keep your description

In these times of Pandemic , I did create a version of my amazing TANTRIC SESSION for you enjoy in the comfort of your home or hotel (I will send you the MATERIAL need for it  by email after the payment )This  ONLINE SESSION consist in the MAGIC BATH- you need a tube bath and the salt  - SOUND BATH with HZ for relaxation and tantra points . In your BED after the Bath,the SOUND BALANCE CHAKRAS, Hebreu PENDULUM to Healing propose, and Aphrodisiac Music therapy ( FOrk Angel very high vibrations ) Kalimba, Cosmic Drum all played by me for you Taoist Exercises  Includes with my orientation Tantra Dance 

** I will be close to you in the cam. I am nude during the session and you will see me . I will talk to you to give the exercises command

 Write me for more Information !






Golden Star
Golden Star
Golden Star
Taoist Exercises for Sexuality 

5 videos online class,  

with some basic Qigong exercise to improve your sexuality, quality of life, boost your immune system and protecting you

You can watch anytime.

Access for 1 month 

  £ 50

Private Gallery 
WhatsApp Image 2020-11-14 at

Access of my PRIVATE GALLERY for 2 weeks £35 

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Tarot Reading & Astrology

 TAROT READING ONLINE SESSION AVAILABLE  for Business, Love & Sexuality,  


Tarot 1h ONLINE £60

                 1h session £80 presential

Astral Chart with consultation 1h   £120 skype or whatsapp

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