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Virus time sessions

The time we are living is critical and needs to use creativity and all knowledge. I studied the situation a lot and at least in the next month, so it will be my procedure in our work in Tantric Ritual


First, I reduced the number of customers to a minimum. Only two sessions per week will be admitted, which must be in perfect health.

Treatment: to our normal Taoist Ritual, a Turmeric Tea with ginger will be added at the beginning, which strengthens your immune system (and I advise you to take it every day. Look at the example of India, as big as China and yet the number of infected and minimal ... the Indians consume turmeric with black pepper every day) The environment of my house is being disinfected with an ozone generator, which besides leaving the environment clean of odor, eliminates the most resistant bacteria. This has been proven amply. See on google. Also in the bath water will be added a large basin of ozonised water that will penetrate your body through your skin taking oxygen into the body eliminating unwanted bacteria.

 Procedure to access my environment: Upon arrival, you will give me the cash in cash immediately. She will undress and take off her shoes at the entrance, and then go to the bathroom where she will wash her hands for 20 seconds with organic soap, and wash her nose inside. I will also wash my hands and nose. And then we will enter the center of the flat.

All my work is done with quality organic products, and in a general and basic way, it will increase your body's blood circulation and consequently increase your immune system as well as regulate your emotions and calm your mind, especially with work in your kundalini (spine) that will work the area of ​​your kidney yin, and adrenal gland, responsible for the emotion of fear. With that your entire system will be protected, strengthened and energised protecting you from all external attacks. Only a strong, positive body, mind, and soul can fight evil and imbalance.

I also use Reiki Tantra with crystal energies to balance your chakras (energy center in your body) and your soul field

I will have  available ,until the end of this Dark Time , only the session Red Passion Ritual Special 2hours £200 

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