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Finally arriving the ONLINE Naturist ONLINE TANTRA Courses with Lila Tantra

If you want go more deep in your sexuality, if you wish to have more pleasure

come with me to start your journey !!

A Lot of nice information to disclose the secrets of Tantra

All the Course are online in LIVEs on SKYPE and you can interact with questions, exercices together. All the lessons are NATURIST , so your teacher and you will be nude, with is very nice and increase the sense of freedom

The videos will keep in a special page here in tantricritual website , so you can see it again and again.....

Also , after each class the videos will be available as well for who no have time to participate on the LIVES and want to watch it any time

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😋call me to booking your time 🕰️ Limited slots 07518873158

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